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From WWW server manager <>
Subject Re: virtual host problem
Date Tue, 24 Jun 1997 08:33:01 GMT
> 	You need a Listen directive for each port, outside of any
> Vhost containers:
> Listen PORT1
> Listen PORT2

Ah, thanks - that got it working (though it wasn't obvious from the 
documentation that Listen directives are cumulative in that way).

While experimenting, though, I noticed what may be (this time!) a genuine 
bug - or at least a feature which needs to be documented. 

After getting the virtual host working with same host, different port - it
just needed the two Listen directives added - I then commented out the Listen 
directives and virtual host setting as I didn't want to have the virtual host
running until it's actually needed. I then sent a HUP signal to the master
process, and the process pool promptly vanished, logging

bind: Address already in use
httpd: could not bind to port 8181

in the daemons' redirected stdout/stderr file.

8181 is the port on which the server normally listens - I'd added 7531 for
the virtual host - and is defined by "Port 8181" in httpd.conf. It looks
like Apache isn't coping well with the transition between having the Listen 
directives and virtual host in effect, and reverting back to "normal" mode; 
I've not seen that sort of problem with a kill -HUP in other circumstances (on 
Sun Solaris 2.4 on a SPARCserver 10/51).

Maybe that's predictable, but if so it was not something I would have expected,
and ought to be documented. Or if it's reproduceable and not what you'd expect,
it ought to be added to the bug database and fixed in due course... [I didn't
Cc this reply, so pass on any parts you feel the other developers should see.]

Incidentally, I just looked at the "Port directive" section of the 
documentation and realised it does cover the interaction with Listen and 
BindAddress to some extent, but even though Listen appears to be preferred
(do you always need Port as well to control the port specified in generated 
URLs and for passing to CGI scripts? unclear) the documentation for Listen is
minimal and makes none of the relevant points. And as noted last night, the 
examples in the VirtualHost documentation make no mention of Listen.

I'm sure I must have seen detailed comments on setting up virtual servers in 
the past on comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix or elsewhere, but the 
documentation was what I had on hand and was the obvious source of information.
When resources permit, I'd encourage improvements to avoid the sort of
confusion shown by my attempts at doing something which was superficially 
simple. I wish I could offer to help by writing the missing documentation, but 
my time is already overcommitted (though I might be able to manage a few 
paragraphs...) and (more relevant, perhaps) I'm not convinced I understand all 
the interactions between the various directives, though I now have a better 
understanding, so it might not be very useful...

> thanks for using apache,

Thank you (one and all) for your continued efforts, making Apache such a good

                                John Line
University of Cambridge WWW manager account (usually John Line)
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