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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: T-shirts!u
Date Sun, 29 Jun 1997 13:48:26 GMT
Andrew Wilson wrote:
> My concern is that the product isn't not-for-profit, since it's
> clearly intended to benefit the company through advertising.  I'd
> be very unhappy if K-Mart or McDonalds had a logo on a sanctioned
> Apache tshirt.  But then I'm having trouble enough just keeping a
> straight face about all this.

The critical difference is that I do actually do stuff for Apache. The
intention of the t-shirt is not to benefit the company, however, if the
company can't even get a mention, then what is in it for the company? I should
remind you that as a director of the company, I have a duty to the
shareholders. That duty does not extend to using company resources to print
t-shirts simply because I think it is a cool idea.

May I remind you of a suggestion someone made for the slogan?

"I gain a substantial amount of kudos for my association with Apache
    though I've made no concrete contribution to the project for over a year."

Or do you think we should all get anonymous email and strike our names out of
all documentation, so we don't "profit" from working on Apache?



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