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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: regex syntax
Date Thu, 26 Jun 1997 03:28:38 GMT
>From the fingers of Alexei Kosut flowed the following:
>I'm now thinking that it would be better to have seperate directivs,
>e.g. AliasRegex/ScriptAliasRegex/RedirectRegex, which take the exact
>same arguments as their non-regex cousins, e.g.
>AliasRegex regex filename
>Perhaps we should even depreciate the ~ syntax in the <> segments, and
>add <DirectoryRegex>, <LocationRegex>, etc... directives.
>Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

    Yes.  I like the idea of having separate directives for RE matching
    versus shell-meta-matching.  I don't particularly care for AliasRegex
    as a directive name, though; how about "Alias" and "AliasMatch",
    "<Directory>" and "<DirectoryMatch>", et cetera?

    #ken    :-)}

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