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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: strong disapproval from the mirrors on running CGI programs
Date Sat, 14 Jun 1997 10:52:07 GMT

> > b) make the "download" link go to /dist locally; a HEADER in that
> > directory will have something like
> 	The 'download' link should go to
> I think that dist/ pointing to the
> hyperreal download site will not significantly help the bandwidth
> situation.
We use a little forwarder at the site, which simply forwards to
a 'randomish' site seeded by the IP address and the time. Gives
little load.


use siteconfig_local;
use ForwardAPI;
use TrapperAPI;

	or &Trap::Error(500,"Could not open database: $!");

# Clean out obsolete/double entries due to conversion
# from the Access database;
map{ $db{ lc($1) } =1 if m/^([\w\.\-]+)\s+/; } @db;

&Trap::Error(500,"No third party sites in the database ?")
	unless $#sites>=0;

srand( ($ENV{REMOTE_ADDR} =~ s/\D+//g) );
$i=(int(rand($#sites+1)) + time/600) % ($#sites+1);

$url='ftp://'.$site[ $i].'/pub/credit/index.html'

&Forward::To( $HTTP_STemp, $url);

exit 0;

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