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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: NT-development questions
Date Wed, 11 Jun 1997 07:03:43 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> 1) should I remove  If all discussion is to happen
> on this list, it makes sense.

I'd guess so.

> 2) I have a list of several dozen NT developers who are interested in
> joining the process.  I have not told them about new-httpd for fear of
> having the process go out of control before 1.2 was out.  now that 1.2
> is out, is it appropriate to invite them to this list?  Or should we
> come to a final decision on the NT "plan" before doing so?  Many of
> these NT developers have said "I'm starting work on my own port. 
> Should we collaborate?".  They are ready to go. 

I think we should finalise the plan (which really shouldn't take long), then
tell them.

> My understanding of the current consensus: 1.3 will have NT support in
> it as an experiment, and will also run on Unix.  We will integrate
> Ambarish's code into it, and perform some amount of work to reduce the
> number of IFDEF's by abstracting several pieces of code.
> Is this correct?

Mostly. I think we intend to release 1.3, though, don't we?

> If so, let's put the 2.0 discussion on back burner for a few days and
> get 1.3 development rolling.  It would seem that the first step is to
> integrate Ambarish's code into the current CVS tree, and then get that
> to work on both NT and Unix (if it doesn't already).  IFDEF cleanup
> can follow.

Yes. Not sure about the GNU stuff - can we include that in the CVS tree even
temporarily? Or should it be obliterated first?



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