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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: [PATCH] updated suEXEC documentation.
Date Wed, 04 Jun 1997 20:38:52 GMT
>From the fingers of "Jason A. Dour" flowed the following:
>Here it is for you immediate perusal.  Gimme them +1's!  8)
>This is the best I can do by tomorrow.  I'm leaving work by 4EST...after
>that, changes will have to be included after the release tarball.  *sigh*
>I hope this works for everyone...
># Jason A. Dour <>                            1101
># Programmer Analyst II; Department of Radiation Oncology; Univ. of Lou.
># Finger for URLs, PGP public key, geek code, PJ Harvey info, et cetera.

    Erm.. no actual patch text?  I haven't read them, but is this an
    improvement over the current suExec docs? :->

    #ken    :-)}

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