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From Ambarish Malpani <>
Subject Re: NT and modules
Date Tue, 17 Jun 1997 17:35:59 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> The NT stuff appears to be going well. It seems to work okay on Unix,
> although I haven't had a chance to try it with Windows, since i don't
> have an NT box, though that may change soon. Actually, I've a
> question: does it work with Windows 95 as well, or just NT? Win 95
> would be a definite plus.

Runs fine on Windows 95, other than a wierd problem that Paul Sutton
had, where /'s didn't work when trying to spawn CGI programs, and
he needed to convert the stuff to \'s (although /'s worked on his
machine at work).

Ofcourse, if I were you, I would try to run NT on my machine rather than
95. It is more stable.

> What I'm thinking (and see my many long-winded letters on Apache 2.0
> for a continuation of this topic) is that on OSes like Windows, that
> don't come with a built-in compiler, or any sort of developer tools,
> as Unix does, it's probable that 99% of the people who will download
> this release will download a binary release (in fact, I'd suggest that
> we package an NT binary, config and docs-only release - no source -
> since most people won't want it). Because of that, they won't be able
> to compile in any modules (although it seems that some Unix-based
> modules won't work out-of-the-box for NT - this should change for 2.0,
> but I'm talking about 1.3).
> Anyway, my point is that we should fix up mod_dld (or an equivalent)
> for NT and include it standard in the NT built of Apache 1.3. AFAIK,
> the problem with mod_dld in Unix is the lack of a standard dynamic
> library-loading facility. NT has one (unless I'm vastly mistaken), so
> let's make use of it. It'll be much more useful with NT than on Unix,
> and will allow people to distribute NT modules for 1.3 that will be
> useful to the people running it - who won't have the ability to
> recompile.

I agree with you completely about loading modules in as DLLs. It
should be pretty easy. Actually, I think this would be a better way
to do modules on the Unix's that support shared libraries too - don't
need to muck around with the build process to add a module.


> I know nothing about NT programming, but it doesn't sound too
> difficult - mod_dld (which uses gdld) seems to basically be about
> three lines of code - find a library file, link to it, and reconfigure
> the server. I think it's worthwhile to make an nt/mod_dld.c and
> include it (by default).
> Anyone (especially someone versed with NT development) else have any
> thoughts on this?
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