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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] locating mutex lockfile
Date Sat, 28 Jun 1997 19:06:31 GMT
Randy Terbush wrote:
> Dirk, are you using FCNTL locking?
> Regarding Jim's comments about making it server root relative, when 
> I did this, it was my feeling that it would be less likely that the 
> lockfile was on an NFS partition rather than the server root. It 
> would be easy to argue against this though. It might not hurt to 
> make sure that the location is not an NFS filesystem, but I am not 
> sure where we would fall back to.

Not sure either... My only concern was if we wanted to "make sure"
it was placed in the same location as the pid file, we should
use the same method :/

Any comments on possibly doing a:

  #if defined(USE_FCNTL...) || defined(USE_FLOCK...)
  (void) make_lock_fname {
    blah blah

and then having the mutex_init functions call that to get the filename.
That way both methods use the same code with duplication and we
can add stuff to that function if we want to get snazzy...

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