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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: HostnameLookups Off
Date Thu, 26 Jun 1997 12:36:48 GMT
Dean Gaudet wrote:
> I'd like to make the default HostnameLookups be off.  It's a waste of
> bandwidth/latency for some sites to do this because they probably don't
> even look at the logs.  Or they can do the ip lookups later.  For those
> that want it, they can turn it back on quite easily. 

+1. We should document clearly whatever changes we make to the default
config setup, since no doubt some people will just copy them over,
make some obvious changes and then report that Apache's broken because
all they get are those stupid IP addresses in there logs :)

> I wonder how much of the load on the root servers is just apaches running
> out there in the default config getting responses nobody cares about :)
> Dean

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