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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Date Wed, 25 Jun 1997 09:50:15 GMT
Dean Gaudet:
> A friend sent this to me, it's strangely relevant to our recent
> discussions :) 

Interesting.  The author speaks only in terms of a 'bazarre' project
having a single recognised leader who by force of personality and
general good judgement is able to steer the project when it needs
steering and is otherwise open to new ideas when they are timely.

I wonder if the Apache Project isn't different in this regard.  There
seems to be a rolling cast of project and sub-project leaders with
no-one acting as an overall moderator for very long.  It looks like
there's a lot in 'Cathederal and Bazarre' that rings true for Apache
Group's operating practice, but just as much that isn't.

It's an interesting piece, I wish he'd written more on the subject.


> I anatomize  a  successful free-software project, fetchmail,  that was
> run as  a deliberate test of some  surprising  theories about software
> engineering  suggested by   the history  of   Linux. I  discuss  these
> theories in  terms of two  fundamentally different development styles,
> the "cathedral"  model  of FSF  and its imitators  versus the "bazaar"
> model  of  the Linux  world.  I show   that these  models derive  from
> opposing assumptions about   the  nature  of  the   software-debugging
> task. I then make a  sustained argument from  the Linux experience for
> the proposition that "Given  enough eyeballs,  all bugs are  shallow",
> suggest productive  analogies  with other  self-correcting systems  of
> selfish agents, and conclude with some exploration of the implications
> of this insight for the future of software.


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