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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] 1.2.1
Date Mon, 23 Jun 1997 17:14:58 GMT

> > a 1.2.1 testing version including at least the security fix, and probably
> > most of the trivial patches below by June 29th.  If that works for us
> > release it.  Otherwise rev to 1.2.2 to fix problems we discover while
> > testing.  Release 1.2.X on July 3rd or July 7th (I'm out of town that
> > weekend).
> Why can't we just release a 1.2.1 that's different from the 1.2.1-dev
> we test? Or do you mean a public test?

No public *test* please. 1.2.x should only be bugfixes that are 
known to fix bugs. There should be no need to test this release.

> But I vote for you to commit them all to 1.2.x and make sure CHANGES
> is properly updated, etc... It's less confusing if one person does it.
> > Oh yeah and note that we don't have to list 1.2.x as the latest stable
> > release.  We could just put it up and say "it fixes stuff but hasn't
> > been tested as thoroughly as 1.2.0, please give it a try".
> We don't have to release it at all. Though I think we should. But we
> should get these patches into 1.2.1-dev in case we have to release a
> 1.2.1 immediately or some reason.
> [...]

Agreed. I think I suggested this right after the branch. They need 
to be applied as soon as the bugfix is available. Scrambling to 
move things from head to 1.2.x is problematic.

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