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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Interesting HTTPd research (ACE, JAWS)
Date Sun, 22 Jun 1997 16:33:51 GMT
If you haven't looked at this yet, please do. (especially the C++ 
advocates) ACE appears to offer us some of the things we have be 
thinking about doing.

As an argument to the compiler issue and C++, we're essentially 
taking on a similar problem in WinNT. Many users of the NT version 
won't even have (or want) a compiler. There is no reason that we 
cannot provide binaries to Unix users without C++ compilers.

> Pay attention ;)
> Through some long and convoluted route I've been told about recent
> research into the 'JAWS Adaptive Webserver'.  JAWS is an application
> built using the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) concept for
> concurrent communication software.  ACE seems to be some kind of
> library, written in C++ and available for a wide range of platforms
> (FreeBSD/Solaris/VxWorks/NT/95..) which has a whole heap of neat features
> that might interest people.
> The gist is that a threaded webserver built using ACE concepts can be
> very quick.  I recommend that interested people take a look at this.
> ACE Concepts:
> This latter URL has several interesting references to papers and talks
> on the theme of developing and measuring high performance webservers.
> Ay.

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