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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Interesting HTTPd research (ACE, JAWS)
Date Fri, 20 Jun 1997 09:14:21 GMT
Pay attention ;)

Through some long and convoluted route I've been told about recent
research into the 'JAWS Adaptive Webserver'.  JAWS is an application
built using the Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) concept for
concurrent communication software.  ACE seems to be some kind of
library, written in C++ and available for a wide range of platforms
(FreeBSD/Solaris/VxWorks/NT/95..) which has a whole heap of neat features
that might interest people.

The gist is that a threaded webserver built using ACE concepts can be
very quick.  I recommend that interested people take a look at this.

ACE Concepts:


This latter URL has several interesting references to papers and talks
on the theme of developing and measuring high performance webservers.


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