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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject Re: apache_1.2b11 src/Makefile.tmpl (fwd)
Date Wed, 18 Jun 1997 21:45:08 GMT
Rasmus Lerdorf wrote...
> This one is going to keep biting us, and we are going to have to make the
> change.  Doug is just going to have to figure out why it is breaking
> mod_perl, or work around it somehow.  I keep getting lots of email about
> this one as it relates to mod_php.

No. The change was made after b11 (order of $LIBS was changed back).
The correcter solution, however, was to remove the "lc" from the linker line.

I sent a bug report about this problem (which is common to SINIX and other
SVR4 derivartives) to this list before, but there was no response.
I was about to post it into the bug db when the $LIBS change was reverted.
The 1.2.0 final version works, therefore.

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