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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: mod_perl + Win32
Date Wed, 18 Jun 1997 12:33:46 GMT (Rasmus Lerdorf) wrote:

> > I forgot to mention, mod_perl will need to wrap callbacks in a mutex
> > acquire/release until Perl is thread safe.  This will happen soon,
> > threaded-Perl shapshots are already available.  Actually, it's been
> > around over two years, the work is just getting folded in now.  
> How do you deal with the myriad of third-party libraries like libmsql.a,
> libpq.a, libgd.a, etc..  that are not MT-Safe but may very well be called
> from Perl?

For the moment, the mutex lock/unlock around the callback should
protect such library calls.  If not, I'm not sure how to deal with
such libraries yet.  Once Perl is MT-safe, it will be up to either
users of these extensions or authors of the extensions to lock/unlock
unsafe calls.  mod_perl could also provide a directive, say, 
`PerlCallLock On' that would lock each callback as it does now.  Since
each child can only handle a single callback at any given time, there
might be a performance hit, but I'm quite sure it'll be small compared
to spawning Perl CGI scripts.


> -Rasmus

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