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From Chuck Murcko <ch...@Topsail.ORG>
Subject Re: hm, proxypass
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 15:34:18 GMT
Well, I'm also really suspicious about the stuff I found yesterday with the
core code directory (not file) stat()ing, because that short-circuits the
modules' handlers, and generates a 'no suitable variant' or 'not found'
error before the modules even get their hands on the request. to relay it.
I'm convinced that's why graphics are breaking in ProxyPass, and I'll come
up with a patch to fix this over the weekend, after I get to the other stuff
I haven't done here yet.

It's been a top 10 rough week.

This might even have something to do with the ProxyPass caching business, since
I'm seeing this behavior inside <VirtualHost> blocks too.

> On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, sameer wrote:
> > 	I've been telling the world that proxypass is the messiah, but
> > I apparently can't figure out how to get it to work.
> > 	ProxyPass is still not working, after I've raidsed the values
> > as I've posted in my config file. What am I doing wrong? The how to
> > mirror doc just says add ProxyPass to your config. That should
> > probably be expanded. =)
> Are you using ProxyPass inside a VirtualHost?  Chuck and I have been
> looking at this, even before this problem, and determined that caching
> wasn't taking place (though relaying was) when the ProxyPass was
> defined within a <VirtualHost> container.  
> 	Brian
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Chuck Murcko            The Topsail Group             West Chester PA USA

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