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From Andrew Wilson <>
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 11:40:06 GMT
Mark J Cox:
> > Yeah, they're SOOOOOO good at PC Week that they figure they don't NEED
> > feedback...  Their frigging email DOES NOT WORK!
> Does anyone else think it is a good idea to put a copy of this letter on

Provided all the signatories agree that a private message to ZDnet,
made in their name, can be made available to a public audience, then

Otherwise a public rebuke given whenever AG feels like it has been in
some way misrepresented sets an awkward precedent.  Coolheaded and
polite consultation in the face of ignorance is admirable, telling the
world that you think someone is a fool can be harmful.

If you want to make these consultations public (in the widest sense of
the word) then you need to write press releases.  The ZD letter may not
have been intended to be one of these.

> We've got an Apache-in-the-News page which points to the PC Week article
> so it would be the perfect place to add a "here is the Apache Groups
> response to this article" link.
> Mark


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