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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Final Draft of PC Week Rebuttal...
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 00:48:16 GMT
	I'd like to get some more names on this, really. I urge folks
to sign up on this, particularly Brian because he's the guy the pcweek
author interviewed.

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> Unless I get some -1s, I'm sending this thing very early tomorrow morning.
> Alexei!  Did you want your name on it?  I included it since you had some
> input, but you didn't specifically say yes or no...
> In the past, the magazine calls the author to verify information for
> publication.  I'll gladly handle this and take the call, unless someone
> really minds.  Again, unless I hear major objections, I'm sending this
> ~6AM tomorrow...
> =====
> It's always pleasing to see your product praised in print.  That's why the
> Apache Group was at first happy with the positive press it received in
> Michael Moeller's cover story, "FORT APACHE" (PCWeek, June 9, 1997)  and
> Jim Rapoza's related article, "IT'S NOT EASY.  SO WHAT?"  (PCWeek, pg18,
> June 9, 1997).  We were dismayed, however, by a statement made by Mr.
> Moeller and by what we feel to be a misleading account of Apache's
> performance in the benchmark graph from PC Week Labs.
> Mr. Moeller's article did a good job of explaining Apache's strengths and
> popularity -- until the last column.  He writes, "Anyone unfamiliar with
> hard-core Unix programming will not be able to get Apache running, said
> users."  To this statement, we must take strong exception.  Of the
> hundreds of thousands of installations of Apache, how many does Mr.
> Moeller believe to be administered by "hard-core Unix programmers?"
> Apache end-users are a diverse bunch: from computer novices, to system
> administrators of varying ability and station, to Mr. Moeller's
> "hard-core" example, to everyday people who need good solid web server
> software. Mr.  Moeller's "quote" from undisclosed "users" is a
> disappointing low-point for an otherwise well crafted article.
> As for the benchmark on page 18, we must wonder about the validity of the
> claims it made.  Microsoft's IIS is shown overall to triple the
> performance of two versions of Apache.  These figures are hard to believe.
> Internal testing as well as repeated user feedback indicates that Apache's
> performance meets or far exceeds any of the competition's.  We believe the
> reported numbers would be much different if the Apache configuration were
> even minimally optimized to meet the benchmark's performance metric of
> requests-per-second.
> The Apache Group would welcome and appreciate having an opportunity
> to work with PC Week Labs to verify and possibly correct these
> benchmark results.  We would like to provide a configuration that
> would be more appropriate to the platform and benchmark conditions
> while remaining relatively unbiased toward the specific tests.  If
> it can be demonstrated to our satisfaction that the test environment
> was fair across the various servers, we will confirm the fact.
> Sincerely,
>  Jason A. Dour <>
>  Ken Coar <>
>  Sameer Parekh <>
>  Ben Laurie <>
>  Alexei Kosut <>
>  Dean Gaudet <>
> The Apache Group
> =====
> Jason
> # Jason A. Dour <>                            1101
> # Programmer Analyst II; Department of Radiation Oncology; Univ. of Lou.
> # Finger for URLs, PGP public key, geek code, PJ Harvey info, et cetera.
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