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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Whither 1.2.1 versus 1.3?
Date Thu, 12 Jun 1997 19:31:46 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:
> > IMHO, now that we have nearly decided to do 1.3 w/NT and Unix support,
> > there should be no effort except critical bugfixes applied to 1.2.  We can
> > not support three development trees.
> +1.  In fact I think we should move quickly on 1.3, focusing
> exclusively on NT support and only a handful of other fixes, and work
> to get a 2.0 beta out by the end of August.  I think we can do that,
> but only if we stay focused.

What about all the stuff that was held up while we got 1.2 out?
Fold these in or not?

So, is the plan work on 1.3 and _then_ 2.0 ? If so, then we better
have some real good guidelines on what 1.3 is supposed to look
like otherwise it'll be 1.2 all over again and 2.0 will be delayed
yet again.

No matter what, even if there is little to gain for UNIX OSs with
1.3 over 1.2, people _will_ move to 1.3 when it's announced. I think
that 1.3 should be 1.2 + NT + the_waiting_patches. Then again,
the NT stuff includes some level of multithreading which needs to
be resolved as far as how it effects UNIX and 2.0: Either we don't
use it for UNIX OSs (meaning we wait for a universal threaded Apache
to be rel2.0) or we have some hack which will not only require
intensive beta testing only to be scrapped (maybe) for 2.0... I
can't see the sense of the later :/

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