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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Wouldn't it be interesting to know...
Date Wed, 11 Jun 1997 03:12:30 GMT
	Interesting time to discuss this, btw. Probably would have
been a bit more forethinking to discuss prior to the 1.2 release. =)
	Anyway, the CGI probably *is* the best thing to do.

> As I mentioned before, a CGI that displayed a list of download locations
> could make this work.  Add a little random rotation, and presto.  If you
> want another high-speed site with reasonable bandwidth (over 10 megabit) 
> and reasonable latency (well, to MCI in Seattle anyway...) I could do
> something here.  I think that if you get two or three sites that are each
> as well connected as taz (ie. not your typical mirrors in low-bandwidth
> countries for local downloads) that could reduce the hit on taz.

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