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From Ian Kluft <>
Subject Re: disabling authentication in .htaccess file (fwd)
Date Tue, 10 Jun 1997 07:33:34 GMT
> From: Marc Slemko <>
> So tell me, just how _do_ you do this?  I can change the authentication
> for the subdirectory, but can't figure out the disable bit.
> I couldn't think of any nice way, other than adding a "mod_auth_none" or
> or "AuthType none".

"AuthType none" was the way I had to do it in an internal-use authentication
module here at Cisco.  At the time, that was my only option because I didn't
yet have permission from management to submit changes back to Apache - so I
wanted to confine my changes to my modules.  (Now it ain't broke so...)

However, you might make a way in mod_access to add a configuration directive
to disable higher-directory authentication information in the per-directory
configuration merge.  There are currently no per-dir merge functions so it
just overrides, except that you can't just put "nothing" in there to override
it.  So you'd need to make a per-dir-merge function which looks at a new
configuration parameter to do that.
Ian Kluft  KO6YQ PP-ASEL                                  Cisco Systems, Inc. (work) (home)          San Jose, CA

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