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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] Wed Jun 4 08:10:42 EDT 1997
Date Wed, 04 Jun 1997 15:49:32 GMT
> One idea might be to override Apache's WANTHSREGEX setting completely and
> always set it to 'no' and have the PHP install add the -lregex as
> necessary alongside all the other libraries that PHP uses.  Still a hack,
> but this would be one way to limit the changes to only mod_php.  We could
> put the Makefile back to the way it was for b10 and mod_perl users will
> not be affected.  
> This will however still affect the next module that comes along and tries to
> use the built-in regex library in Apache.

okay, if that would work, since mod_perl's Makefile.PL already detects
mod_php and sets WANTHSREGEX=no, it could also slide in -lregex after
(or before?) -lphp.  
Still a hack of course.  It's also fine with me if Makefile.tmpl goes
back to the way it was in b10 and changes are made on the php side, I
think I'd prefer that, but I'll be satisfied as long as something is
in place to make all these pieces work together.   

> -Rasmus

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