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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Apache story for Informationweek (fwd)
Date Thu, 15 May 1997 06:23:34 GMT
I told her that I'd forward it to a few other people to answer the
questions if they had the time.  I went through the usual free software
spiel and made sure to emphasize that there *is* support in the form of
consulting companies, plus dozens of volunteers. 

Mail Candee directly if you want to respond.  I hope we don't flood her
with responses though.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 15 May 97 01:29:45 UT
From: Candee Wilde <>
To: Dean Gaudet <>
Subject: Apache story for Informationweek

Thank you for trying to get a hold of me so many times. I'm sorry we've had 
a hard time connecting. Here are some questions that can get us started. 
First, can you tell me your title, company's full name, and location.

Why did you choose Apache?

What is it primarily used for?

Are other servers used on the Web site?

Is Apache better suited for some applications than others?

Does it concern you that there is no vendor support for Apache?

What do you think the future of Apache will be (commercialization? Ongoing new 
releases and upgrades?)

Will it be difficult for Apache to continue competing with commercial 

Is Apache a good choice for mission critical applications?

Is there any downside to using Apache?

Other than the fact that it is freely available, why do you think Apache is so 

Please feel free to add any other information that you think would be of 
interest to Informationweek readers who are trying to choose the best Web 
server software. If you could be as specific and detailed as possible in your 
answers, that would be great. Also, are you willing to be photographed for the 
story? Informationweek asks that I turn in the names of sources who are 
willing to be photographed, and then the editors there make the final 

Oh, one other question. Have you been involved in Apache's development?

Thanks so much. Maybe we'll still be able to hook up on the phone. I will be 
out of the office Thursday afternoon, but in all day Friday and through the 
weekend. If you know of other Webmasters who might be interested in 
participating in the story (whether they use Apache or other server software), 
that would be great. It's been difficult finding users to interview, despite 
Apache's pervasive presence on the Web.

Thank you again, and I look forward to your response.
Candee Wilde

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