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From Dean Gaudet <>
Date Tue, 13 May 1997 00:59:27 GMT
Maybe this is a sensitive topic, maybe not... but could some of us new
folks get added to the contributors page before the 1.2 rolling? 


<B>Name:</B> <A NAME="dgaudet">Dean Gaudet</A><BR>
<!-- I hate mailto:s because of spiders that collect them for spam -->
<B>URL:</B> <A HREF=""></a><br>
<B>Organization:</B> <a href="">Steam Tunnel Operations</a><br>
<B>Occupation:</B> Technical Consultant<BR>
<B>Location:</B> San Francisco, CA, USA<BR>
<B>Comments:</B> Performance freak.<BR>
<B>OS Expertise:</B> Linux, IRIX, Solaris<BR>
	Late comer, responsible for HotWired's continuing use of Apache.
	Performance/reliability coding, and general bug fixes.  Likes
	to point out tiny things causing Roy find huge bugs requiring
	large patches leading to extra beta cycles.  Occasionally known
	to generate large volumes of mail.

Or something like that.

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