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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject AOLpress BROWSE method
Date Thu, 15 May 1997 16:42:48 GMT
AOLpress is a fairly reasonable web page editor. However it seems to use a
new HTTP method, BROWSE, to get a list of available files from the server
for some operations. I've had a few queries from Apache Week readers about
the potential for BROWSE support in Apache. 

I've looked at the AOLPress site ( and can see no
documentation on BROWSE itself, so my normal reply is that this is a
proprietary AOL extension, and unless they document it there is unlikely
to be an implementation of it for Apache.

But it did start me thinking (uh-oh). AOLpress is _free_, and together
with Apache would make a nice web published environment. It would provide
some competition to FrontPage+IIS. Especially when Apache NT comes along.
So it might be nice to have a patch or module which could implement BROWSE
on Apache. 

So, does anyone know anything more about AOL's BROWSE? Any patches already
done, or any documentation for it? 


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