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From Giovanni Maruzzelli <>
Subject Apache1.2b10 on NT (Cygnus gnu-win32)
Date Sat, 10 May 1997 04:03:53 GMT


this port is available on:

and on:



may 10 1997

Hi there,

this is a porting of apache1.2b10 to cygwin32, the UNIX-like environment
for developing and porting software on win32 (windows NT and a fair part
on win95). 

This is by no means well tested, but at least it work. 

If you like hacking the code, you can apply the apache.diff on a standard
1.2b10 distribution. Then type ./Configure, as usual, then make. 

Otherwise you can grab the httpd.exe, and the config files.


The file apachent.tgz is a tarred and gzipped archive that contains all
the other files but not the cygwin.dll.

If you grab the binary (httpd.exe) and you have not installed the Cygnus
gnu-win32 distribution, you will need to have the cygwin.dll in you path. 


An annoying thing is that this port run in a console window, will be very
better when transformed in a service. 

Please send e-mail with bug reports (but PATCHES will be gratefully
received) to:


-giovanni maruzzelli

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