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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: JDK 1.* and HTTP/1.1 [Chuck McManis <>] (fwd)
Date Fri, 16 May 1997 06:56:43 GMT
On Thu, 15 May 1997, Brian Behlendorf forwarded something Chuck McManis wrote:

> My take on Dave's response is that he may believe that the 1.1 JDK
> is in much more widespread use than it actually is. 
> Two statements are demonstrably true:

Um... No. They are both demonstrably false.

> 	1) All applications based on the 1.0.2 JDK will break.

No. As someone (I forget whom) pointed out, the Java classes themselves
do not have the HTTP/1.1 problem, it's the peer classes that are used
by the particular application. Not all of them have this problem.

> 	2) Any applet that utilizes URLConnection that is accessed
> 	   by a Netscape 3.x or Internet Explorer 3.x browser will
> 	   most likely break.

Again, wrong, given that Netscape 3.x implements URLConnection using
the standard Netscape HTTP routines, which work just fine with

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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