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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject PC Week article.
Date Fri, 23 May 1997 20:44:05 GMT

Hi guys.  First: I have been out of touch over the last 4 weeks as I've been
battling demons here, both personal and professional, and in going over the
Apache email today I see I've missed quite a bit.  I will work to get back up
to speed this weekend, but first I must apologize for being gone during a tough
couple of weeks, and I will address a number of outstanding issues which should
have gotten my response. 

Second: I have been contacted by a person at PC Week for a story on Apache, a
rather large story.  I am talking with him today about Apache, its purpose, its
history, where it's going, etc.  This should be similar to other interviews
that have been done before.

He wants a number of things:

1) Interviews with other developers 

2) Interviews with non-developers who use the software for high-volume sites 

3) Pictures.  A photographer will be here on Tuesday night, and I'd like to get
together all the bay area apache developers for a group shot.  I told them that
if there are pictures at all, we should make an effort to take pictures of
folks outside this area as well, as a huge chunk of work is done outside of
here.  I mentioned that there's a group in the UK who could possibly get
together (how close do y'all live? Rob? Ben?), and others in the US who should
be a part of this as well.  I'm sorry Dean will be gone - maybe we'll snag his
photo off WebMonkey.  :)  I don't know beyond SF and UK whether a real photo
shoot could be coordinated, but at least I'd like to get pictures together of
other developers for some sort of collage for them. 

Anyways, if you want to be a part of this, if you can help with any of the
above (particularly #2), contact me directly at  Thanks.



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