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Subject Re: b11 + mod_perl + BrowserMatch
Date Sat, 31 May 1997 01:05:39 GMT
> Building b11 with the b10 Makefile.tmpl cures the problem for myself
> and Mike.
> I recall this change being mentioned on the apache developer's list,
> but I can't recall why.  I can't dig deeper until later this weekend.

That was my doing.  I don't understand why this would break anything.
The PHP module needs a regex library.  If WANTHSREGEX is set to 'yes' in
the Apache Configuration file and the bundled regex library is used in
Apache, then the PHP module tries to use this library as well.  In order
to use this the -lregex library call must come after the -lphp call.  ie.
$(LIBS) must precede $(REGLIB).  

I have a feeling there is something funny in mod_browser.c and its use of
case insensitive regex expressions.  I seem to recall that this has to be
handled differently in Posix regex libs as opposed to the Henry Spencer lib.
I see no distinction made in mod_browser.c.  mod_rewrite.c seems to have a
check for this.

I only had a 2 minute look at this.  I am no my way out the door.  I'll look
at it closely tomorrow.


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