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Subject Re: Should $(OBJS): Makefile be there?
Date Fri, 30 May 1997 19:59:03 GMT
>      This is clearly not a proposed change for 1.2. I'm wondering,
> however, if this really should be there..
> Makefile.tmpl has the line:
> $(OBJS): Makefile
>      so that if the Makefile is modified, all the .o files need to
> be rebuilt... 
>      Seems to me, however, that the only dependency should be
> httpd: $(REGLIB) $(OBJS) Makefile
>      because if Makefile gets modified it only affects which object
> files go in, not the contents of the individual object files. If you
> run "Configure" the only thing that changes is modules.c, which means
> that a new modules.o needs to be built, but no other object files need
> to be rebuilt.

Well, someone could modify the Makefile and add, for example, -DSTRONGHOLD
to the EXTRA_CFLAGS line.  In that case you would need to regenerate all
the .o files.  I do agree with you that having the .o files dependant on
the Makefile is a hassle.  It is always the first thing I change when I
grab a new version of Apache.


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