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Subject Re: [post-1.2] proposed api extension mechanism
Date Thu, 01 May 1997 12:24:19 GMT
> This idea could allow modules to dynamically extend the API with their own
> set of functions that other code can use.  In particular, the first thing
> I have in mind that could be added with this is a "lookup interface" as a
> wrapper for the various DBM, DB, DBMS schemes... and then a modified
> mod_auth that would use any of them (and others not yet written) via the
> new interface. Other modules, such as mod_rewrite, which currently use DBM
> could also be modified so they can use all available lookup methods.

I like the idea.  One thing that might get confusing is how to handle
dependancies between modules.  If modules start to depend on functions in
other modules, I envision problems installing and configuring the
correct modules to get a certain module to work.

There might also be some overlap.  For example, my mod_php module includes
support for a bunch of SQL engines.  The various SQL-based mod_auth modules
that already exist use very similar calls.  Theoretically, the SQL access
functions need only be in one place.  I wouldn't want to force people
who use mod_php to have to use a certain mod_auth module and vice versa.
Perhaps the actual access functions should be separated completely from the
functional modules themselves?  They could perhaps be standalone access
function modules.  ie. mod_func_oracle, mod_func_sybase, mid_func_mysql,
mod_func_snmp, etc.  Then if you were writing a module that needed to access
Oracle, or needed to make snmp queries, you would use the appropriate
access function module.


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