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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: [TEST] changes to bugdb.cgi
Date Sun, 01 Jun 1997 04:12:15 GMT
>From the fingers of "Roy T. Fielding" flowed the following:
>>     o changed mail message to be from "APBugs@Apache.Org (on behalf of xx)"
>>       and have the subject line that GNATS likes.  Hopefully this means
>>       that replies from the reporter will go to GNATS to be
>>       reforwarded, not just to the person who last edited the PR
>I don't think that is wise.  Aside from the bounces, we'll end up with
>a whole lot of quoted replies.  How about adding a footer to every
>message that says
>   ___________________________________________________________________
>   To append more information to this report, send a mail message with
>   To: APBugs@Apache.Org
>   Subject: <whatever the auto-detect uses for this PR>

    No-one (well, very few) will read it.  They'll do what they do now,
    for us and other messages: reply.  Currently, such replies go to the
    group member who touched the PR, and nowhere else unless the
    submitter explicitly adds another address.  With the change, the
    reply will get attached to the PR and everyone on the apbugs list
    will get a copy.  Likewise, if one of the group members has a
    thought about it, he can just reply to the updated message, and
    *his* reply will go into the bugdb.  (This is all in theory; I'm
    still testing it.)  Whether GNATS CCs the originator when it logs a
    reply..  well, it probably should but I don't think it does.

    As for quoted replies.. I'd prefer excessive quoting over
    laconic and cryptic updates.  MHO.  On our end, people would need to
    be sensitive about quoting.  We have the problem right now as it is,
    even with all the contortions necessary to get a reply into the bugdb.

    Since we're leaving the owner as "apache" so mail will go to the
    apbugs list, I've already encountered a couple of collisions: myself
    and someone else both having out-of-band discussions with the user,
    in complete ignorance of each other.  That doesn't look good for us,
    aside from annoying all involved.

    Another issue is stale PRs, of which there have been a few (less of
    late): the issue is solved, but the PR hasn't been closed because
    the developer hasn't gotten around to it.  No-one else knows it's
    fixed, though, because of the private-mail issue.

>Also, it sure would be nice if the edit form would allow me to append
>to a report without changing the status.

    Indeed.  I'll look into that one at some point.

>>     o Changed "mumble-From-To: x-y" to "mumble-From->to: x->y" because
>>       values that contain hyphens become hard to read
>That may cause problems with the e-mail interface.

    Why?  That's not standard GNATS; it's strictly something bugdb.cgi
    is doing.  Those are informational heralds added to the case as
    audit records.  In other words, they're content.

    #ken    :-)}

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