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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Modernisation of docs look
Date Sat, 31 May 1997 21:02:54 GMT
    I'd like to do some documentation work over the next few weeks.
    I've broken it into numbered pieces described below.  Items [1],
    [3], [5], and [6] might have some objectors; I'll wait a few
    days before starting those to see if anyone squawks.  [2] and [4]
    I'm going to begin immediately.

    BTW, Paul, do you realise that the contributors page claims that you
    "..actually likes documention"?  Does that constitute a
    docu-mention, or is this (and the earlier one) really a typo? ;->

    1. I'd like to make a first pass through all the .html files under and do the following:

       o make the background colour white (to match the new front page)
       o centre the "Apache" logo at the top of the page (and the H1 if

       Both of these should be zero-impact on browsers that don't
       understand the DIV tag, the H1 ALIGN attribute, or the BGCOLOR
       BODY attribute.  Positive impact on the others, which are already
       seeing this on the new front page.

    2. I'd like to address the Martin Kraemer doc fixups.

    3. Next is normalising all the module documentation pages; there
       are some subtle differences from the standard in some of them.

    4. I'm going to finish adding the suspended suggestions/fixes from
       the bugdb to my For-The-Future page.  Would anyone object if I
       merged that into the project-plan document?

    5. Throughout the process, I'd like to have carte blanche to clean
       up the HTML (case-normalisation of tags, indenting, and so on).

    6. Finally, shall I commit my prototype API function dictionary into
       CVS as a starting point?

    Speak up, now..

    #ken    :-)}

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