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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Closure on the JDK 1.0.2<->HTTP/1.1 issue
Date Wed, 14 May 1997 19:53:16 GMT
    Okey, we have closure on this (IMHO).  Sun acknowledges that it was
    a bug, and they say it's fixed in JDK 1.1.  (Dean, Alexei, can you
    re-verify?  I don't have the 1.1 stuff yet..)

    I'll add this to the FAQ and write up a blurb a la the AOL one we
    had out last December.  Anyone want to vet it before I make the
    connexions to it, or do you trust me? ;->  I think we want to make
    this *very* visible before 1.2 goes out..

    Thanks for David Brownell's name, Sameer; your message led to the
    closure all round.

    #ken    :-)}

>From the fingers of David.Brownell@Eng.Sun.COM flowed the following:
>Thanks for sending that note, I was about to say "whoa, no such bug"
>based on Sameer's original enquiry.
>- I agree it should be on the "fixed" bugs list.
>- I don't know why you're getting reports that it's still broken; we
>  think they're wrong, but in any case solid proof would be needed.
>- My suggestion is that the Apache Group should be saying the same
>  thing that Sun is:  "Upgrade to JDK 1.1 as soon as possible."
>- I agree, existing applications (including web browsers) need to get
>  get upgraded.
>Protocol version upgrades can be such a pain.  As I recall, AOL's proxies
>caused lots of problems with HTTP/1.1 too, and for essentially the same
>reason (expecting replies to be the same protocol version as requests).
>- Dave

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