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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: mod_dir/576: Port 0 being added in directory redirects (fwd)
Date Wed, 14 May 1997 08:50:30 GMT
>From the fingers of Dean Gaudet flowed the following:
>Is it a bug?  Isn't it?  I'm getting tired of deciding if the various
>details involving vhosts are bugs or not.  Makes me think the config needs
>a total overhaul.  Anyhow, this one is buggish to me, this patch should
>fix it but I haven't tested it.
>If a vhost is configured
><VirtualHost a.b.c.d:*>
>then it defaults to Port 0.  (because * == 0 in the internal

    IMHO, this is definitely a bug.  It violates the Principle of
    Least Astonishment.  First-pass just-awake thoughts about whence it
    should come: from the redirected request, if applicable, then the
    main server's Port value, then the canonical port (80).

    That may or may not make sense; I *did* just wake up, and my desktop
    is thrashing so it's difficult to type and impossible to check

    #ken    |-O}

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