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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: contributors
Date Tue, 13 May 1997 09:42:02 GMT
>From the fingers of Dean Gaudet flowed the following:
>Maybe this is a sensitive topic, maybe not... but could some of us new
>folks get added to the contributors page before the 1.2 rolling? 

    Likewise.. I know I've been here only a few months, so it may be
    inappropriate.  If any of the older souls here thinks it's okey,

    #ken    :-)}

<STRONG>Name:</STRONG> <A NAME="coar">Ken Coar</A>
<STRONG>Email:</STRONG> <A HREF="mailto:Coar@DECUS.Org">Coar@DECUS.Org</A>
<STRONG>Organization:</STRONG> <A
                               >Process Software Corporation</A>
<STRONG>Occupation:</STRONG> Principal Software Engineer
<STRONG>Location:</STRONG> Mostly in New England, USA
<STRONG>Comments:</STRONG> HTML pedant, FAQ editor, UI perfectionist
<STRONG>OS Expertise:</STRONG> Digital UNIX, OpenVMS
     Author of the 1.2 example API module, moderately updated FAQ,
     various minor bug fixes and documentation corrections.  Eminently
     capable of writing code that will Rule The World by consuming
     resources - but in an elegant way.

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