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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Interaction of mod_include, mod_alias, and negociation
Date Thu, 08 May 1997 11:19:14 GMT
    Two potential bugs here.. (or potential gaps in my understanding ;-)

    With Options Multiviews enabled, and both "foo.html" and "bar.html"
    in the same directory (the server's "/"), and the following config
    directive active: 

     Alias /bletch /bar

    should the following SSIs in "foo.html" find & include "bar.html" or

    <!--#include virtual="bar" -->
    <!--#include virtual="/bar" -->
    <!--#include virtual="/bletch" -->

    The first two do, but the third doesn't - and I would have expected
    that it would..  I get the following in the error_log, indicating
    that the alias wasn't negociated after substitution:

    [Thu May  8 07:23:20 1997] unable to include /bletch in parsed file
    [Thu May  8 07:47:17 1997] access to /bar failed for {myhost}, reason:
      File does not exist

    (The filesystem path and hostname have been edited.)

    In fact, I was only able to get this to be a "file doesn't exist" by
    adding a <Limit> block; previously, I was getting "access denied by
    configuration".  Why would mod_access be telling me this for the
    aliased reference when it didn't for the unaliased ones?

    By design, happenstance, or bugs?  mod_negotiation is downstream of
    mod_include, but that would seem to be irrelevant since mod_include
    handles includes as subrequests..  and the mod_access one has me
    completely stumped (for now, can't take time to dig - have to go to
    the Real Job..).

    #ken    :-(} 

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