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From (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Minimalist doc search - for 1.2?
Date Sun, 04 May 1997 02:31:04 GMT
    I've put together a couple of Perl scripts which I'd like to propose
    be included in 1.2 in support and htdocs/manual.  They provide a
    *very* simple-minded index lookup to the Apache online docs.

     o mkindex (support or cgi-src)
       Given a list of files on the command line, it generates an index
       file of what words appear in which files.  Run once after the
       htdocs tree is updated:

        cd htdocs/manual
    	../../support/mkindex `find * -name "*.html"` > index.txt

     o manual-index.cgi (htdocs/manual)
       [One line must be tweaked to point to actual filesystem location
       of index file]
       Invoked with a QUERY_STRING of a single simple bareword, reads
       the index file and displays a list of links to files where that
       file occurs.  Requires, obviously, that the htdocs/manual
       directory allow CGI execution.  Can be given a PATH_INFO that
       maps to the URL of the manual directory, if the script isn't
       located there.

    At the moment, these are really simple-minded - but at least they'll
    show you a list of all the pages that mention "negotiation" or

    This can be test-driven at

    The index as currently done includes 5337 distinct "words".

    Even if we don't put this (with a pre-compiled index.txt) into the
    1.2 kit, I think it might be worthwhile putting it on
    The htdocs/manual/index.txt file would need to be added to the CVS
    ignore list.


    #ken    :-)}

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