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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject [STATUS] Wed May 28 17:53:17 EDT 1997
Date Wed, 28 May 1997 22:01:07 GMT

1.2b11 status as of Wed May 28 17:53:17 EDT 1997

  * Code changes committed since 1.2b10:

    * ErrorDocument CGI responding to error from another CGI fixed
    * PR#512: signal redefinition problem on QNX
    * CGIWrap Problems (restore old PATH_INFO definition)
    * I hate messed up initializers (in USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT)
    * PR#501: escape html in server-status
    * PR#506: no DefaultType means no Content-Type
    * error responses have wrong headers (part 1)
    * Clarified comment about USERDIR_SUFFIX in suexec.h
    * HP-UX/cc compiler fix (minus oops)
    * internal redirect must inherit the_request
    * added comments and check the_request in original_uri()
    * Allow consistant use of whitespace in Configuration
    * PR#502: timeout problems (second try)
    * mod_dir HTTP_NOT_ACCEPTABLE fixup
    * error responses have wrong headers (part 2)
    * mod_dir/576: Port 0 being added in directory redirects
    * placement of $(REGLIB) after $(LIBS) in Makefile.tmpl
    * Roy's SEGV and missing Location patch
    * SIGTERM problem under OS/2 problem fixed. Due to buggy MPE
    * PR#610: Mult v-hosts on single connection

The Plan

  * Start final plans for 1.2 release. Randy said he's do the tarballs.
    Someone should commit the below patch(es) asap. Also, are the
    current "showstoppers" really showstoppers????

Agenda for 1.2b11-dev

Patches available and ready to be commited:

  *** Ed Korthof's [PATCH]: Virtual Hosts on different ports:

*** http_protocol.c.orig     Sun May 18 16:40:03 1997
--- http_protocol.c  Sun May 18 17:07:11 1997
*** 711,717 ****

      /* search all the names from <VirtualHost> directive */
      for( sar = s->addrs; sar; sar = sar->next ) {
!       if( !strcasecmp( sar->virthost, host ) ) {
     r->server = r->connection->server = s;
     if( r->hostlen && !strncmp( r->uri, "http://", 7) ) {
       r->uri += r->hostlen;
--- 711,718 ----

      /* search all the names from <VirtualHost> directive */
      for( sar = s->addrs; sar; sar = sar->next ) {
!       if( !strcasecmp( sar->virthost, host )
!           && ( (sar->host_port == 0) || (port == sar->host_port) ) ) {
     r->server = r->connection->server = s;
     if( r->hostlen && !strncmp( r->uri, "http://", 7) ) {
       r->uri += r->hostlen;

  *** Ed Korthof's [PATCH]: Log 408 if connection times out

*** http_main.c.orig2	Sun May 25 13:39:01 1997
--- http_main.c	Sun May 25 14:08:13 1997
*** 421,426 ****
--- 421,431 ----
  	    else log_req = log_req->prev;
+ /* If we didn't get SIGPIPE and we didn't set the method number,
+  * then it's safe to say the client timed out
+  */
+         if (sig != SIGPIPE && log_req->method_number == M_NONE)
+             log_req->status = HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT;
  	if (!current_conn->keptalive) 
*** http_protocol.c.orig4	Sun May 25 13:53:23 1997
--- http_protocol.c	Sun May 25 14:08:43 1997
*** 789,794 ****
--- 789,795 ----
  				 * Only changed by die(), or (bletch!)
  				 * scan_script_header...
+     r->method_number = M_NONE;  /* Until we finish reading a request */
      /* Get the request... */
*** httpd.h.orig2	Sun May 25 13:55:51 1997
--- httpd.h	Sun May 25 14:02:05 1997
*** 357,362 ****
--- 357,363 ----
  #define METHODS 8
+ #define M_NONE -1
  #define M_GET 0
  #define M_PUT 1
  #define M_POST 2

Patches available but need additional votes:

  * RobH's [PATCH]: request for harmless mod_include.c patch (try 2)
    Status: +1 RobH
            +0 Roy [I've never seen a harmless part of mod_include]
               (It should also be USE_PERL_SSI, not USE_PERL)

No patches yet, showstoppers:

  * PR#502: timeout still a problem with IdentityCheck On.
    Roy thinks it may be a problem with how longjmp and signal are
    used in rfc1413.c (try replacing 
       static jmp_buf timebuf;
       JMP_BUF timebuf;
    and replacing the longjmp/setjmp calls with the definitions
    used within http_main.c
    *** Ed K. will look into this; -1 on holding up 1.2 for this though ***

Documentation Changes that should make 1.2:

  * some better suexec docs would be really nice, detailing some of the
    security risks and compromises discussed
	Status: I think Randy said something about doing it at one point.
		Randy says he thinks Jason is perhaps doing them.
                [And Roy says: either somebody needs to document how it
                 works (I don't know), or I'll go through and remove the
                 documentation about how "good" it is to use it.]
	New Status: not really worth holding 1.2 on

  * Document problems with mismatch on FD_SETSIZE=1024?

  * Deal with Martin Kraemer's documentation notes:

Post 1.2:

  * Workout path/goals for 2.0. Release 1.2.1 asap with below
    fixes and improvements?

  * PR#543: /cgi-bin/foo/bar%2fbaz
    unescape_url in util.c is forbidding %2f in PATH_INFO.
    The problem is that we use the %2f check to avoid security problems
    with stupid scripts.  Roy thinks the best solution would be to
    decode all %2f's before doing any processing on the path, and thus
    reduce %2f... to /.. before doing the path checks.  This makes it
    impossible to have a filename containing slash, but no big deal.

  * Marc's [PATCH] PR#566: mod_status dumps core in inetd mode
    Status: +1 Marc (post-1.2), Roy (with minor change), Dean

  * Dean's solaris 256 FILE * problem
    Status: Dean seeing if it works for user, maybe add to FAQ

  * Various minor tweaks to port to different platforms:
    PR#383, PR#388, PR#399, PR#333, PR#327, PR#445, PR#511

  * Fix mod_negotiation to follow latest TCN draft
    Petr Lampa wants to work on this.

  * Doug MacEachern's [PATCH] merge dbm auth configs
        Status: The question is, should we be merging auth configs?
                Ken says not by default and not unless it's configurable.

  * redo lingering_close to check for old sockets to close out before
    accept() in child.
	Status: doesn't look to be overly clean to do in the current
	framework.  Will not have time to do implementation for this
	beta in any case.  If it turns out to be a big issue,
	could go in later.  (1.2.1?)

  * Marc wants to have a check to be sure
    log directory(ies) isn't writable by anyone except the user starting
    the server.  The posting in bugtraq only highlites the problem.
    Needs override.  See NCSA code for sample implem.
	Status: Marc busy writing

  * error compiling on NeXT:
	In file included from http_main.c:108:
	/NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd/netinet/tcp.h:57: duplicate member `th_off'
	/NextDeveloper/Headers/bsd/netinet/tcp.h:58: duplicate member `th_x2'

	Status: got a login in a NeXT OpenStep 4.x machine to test,
	looks like an interaction between gcc and the header
	files.  It is trying to include definitions for both big and
	little endian platforms, and that no work.

  * Type map can't find appropriate document for language on Solaris
    2.x.  (I can't gistify this one; full details in message ID
    Reporter has provided tar.gz file of config info.
    (no PR#, 1.2b7, 24/2/1997, <>)
        Status: Dean might have fixed this one (the table overlay bug)
	[Dean has mailed the submitter to ask them to test 1.2b8 or b9]

  * SONY NEWS port.  See both:
    Jim working on a patch, but not until after 1.2 release

  * Jim has patch for time taken to handle a request in status module

  * status report shows PIDs in empty slots, user supplied some sort
     of patch; behavior now is correct, but perhaps some cleanup of
     how the results are displayed could be done after 1.2...

Should be added to the bugdb:

  * "Large groups cause authentication errors" on FreeBSD
      []; problem looks to be MAX_STRING_LEN buffer
      in groups_for_user.

Contrib stuff / future:
  * Start digital signing the distributions.

  * Chris Adams <> patch to mod_log_config to add %m and %c.

  * mod_log_config patch for conditional logging
	Status: contrib, not in server

  * Ed has an updated patch for limiting connections per IP

  * mod_include could use boyer-moore searching for <!--# and/or it could
    mmap the file.

  * add some setlocale stuff?

  * status module available from .htaccess files; Ken posted patch

  * Rob's "DONE" status response check for die()
	Roy says it's a feature... Dean agrees, thinks we should slate
	something for 2.0 that can handle this cleanly.

  * provided a patch for mod_imap to make it more
    friendly with MS FrontPage map files.  Available in

  * Dean's gif89 and expires hack

  * mod_userdir needs a DisallowUserDir directive, a la ftp.deny, to
    restrict user names that can be accessed.  Ken says maybe
    "UserDir disabled [user [...]]".

  * get_local_host and NIS patch fo SunOS 4

  * internationalized documentation

  * pagecounter extension to mod_include

  * mod_expires improvements from "Miguel A.L. Paraz" <>
    at <>

  * add is_initial_req() function

  * mod_dir: send HEIGHT/WIDTH tags to improve performance for user see
    PR#393 for a patch that provides this

  * A CIDRized access list patch such as the one supplied in

  * PR#344: 64-bit cleanups

      Jim Jagielski            |       jaguNET Access Services           |
                  "Not the Craw... the CRAW!"

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