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Subject Re: Any way around this?
Date Mon, 19 May 1997 21:02:47 GMT
Ed Korthof had previously stated:
> Umm.  Indeed, it does not work, though I'm not sure what you mean about it
> being treated as a comment -- so far as I can see, the browser is directed

>From what we were seeing, it looked like it was just ignoring everything
after the # in the map file, so I thought that might be the cause.

> to the file '#{named target}' (in the same directory), rather than to
> '{filename}#{named target}'.  However, if you do the following (w/ Apache
> 1.2b7-dev, 1.2b10, or 1.2b11-dev), it will work: 
> base {filename}
> {shape} #{named target} {coords}

Tried that, still having problems...  Let me flesh out the configuration for
you a bit since there may be something more complicated going on here than I
initially let on.

 - Solaris x86 2.5.1 w/ISS 1.0

 - apache 1.2b10
	runs as web.web, and is the only thing able to be group web.
	suexec w/minor mod to accept group web for the CGI's dir.
	CGI directory for user is 0710, user.web,
	CGIs are 0700, user.user

 - html containing the ISMAP link is generated by a CGI
	and also contains tags to allow client side imagemapping for
	browsers that are capable of doing so

 - the map file we initially tried...
	default http://virtualhost/cgi/page?busroutes
	rect http://virtualhost/cgi/page?busroutes#Milwaukee 42,30 61,65
	rect http://virtualhost/cgi/page?busroutes#Waukesha 10,30 42,65
	rect http://virtualhost/cgi/page?busroutes#RacineKenosha 28,65 69,99

 - the non-client side imagemap browser is IBM WebExplorer v1.2

> This looks like some kind of bug to me... basically, Apache is doing the
> Right Thing for 'referer' when the relative URL isn't a named target (it
> uses the directory, which is what you'd expect).  And, if you specify an
> URL, Apache doesn't try to second guess you -- so try using something like
> the text above.

Thanks again for taking a look into this...

Jake Buchholz                            
Exec-PC Internet Systems Administrator               

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