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From Chuck Murcko <ch...@Topsail.ORG>
Subject Re: FreeBSD & core dumps (again)
Date Sat, 10 May 1997 14:22:11 GMT
Yes, with no different result. I had not been using any accept() serialization
before this, and things seemed fine. Since no one else is screaming yet, I'll
assume it's my machine for now.

I also don't trust -g flags and gdb on FreeBSD at this point, since the last
2.2.1 core dumps I looked at were garbage, just like the ones from 2.1.7. I'll
just reference addresses; at least I can get a good traceback on those.

> In message <>, Chuck Murcko writes:
> >I'm getting immediate and nothing but core dumps with the latest code
> >snapshot. I'm rigging the kernel to actually dump core now. This is
> >FreeBSD 2.2.1, on a 128 Mb machine, so I have to force the kernel build
> >to see the memory above 64 Mb. BTW, the core dumps are useful, but only
> >for getting addresses, not symbols. It's back to the stone age. 8^(
> >
> >I'm using -DUSE_FLOCK_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT as recommended by Randy, and
> >building only the default distribution, no extra modules.
> >
> >This appears to be caused by something in the last flurry of checkins.
> The only thing that I could find in the last flurry of checkins that
> might cause a segv is the one involving CGI invocation.  Have you tried
> switching to -DUSE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT instead?
> ....Roy

Chuck Murcko            The Topsail Group             West Chester PA USA

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