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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject 2.0: threading & i/o
Date Fri, 09 May 1997 21:49:14 GMT
I have a rough start on threading and i/o abstraction design, issues,
etc. at:

I've already discussed the i/o abstraction a bit with Alexi, what I have
might be overboard if a package such as sfio becomes a requirement for
2.0 and we can just rework the buff mechanism a bit.  At the very
least, there's an sfio example in there to give a taste to those
who've not had the pleasure :-)

As for threading, what I have is based on POSIX1003.1c, but the
abstraction can support other thread implementations, such as
POSIX1003.4a which DCE users are stuck with.  I know rst rolled his
own thread package call "rsthreads", but I don't recall what it would
give you over pthreads.  From what I do recall him saying, his
abstraction supported rsthreads, pthreads, a skeleton frame that
really spawned a child process, more?  Anyhow, there's plenty of free
Pthread implementations out there (at least 3).  And, vendors must
ship with full P1003.1c support to meet the unix 98 spec. Some are
doing so already.  As for Win32 native threads support, I'd really like
to see one or all the apache ports that have done so far.

I don't expect any feedback on this yet, esp. since 1.2 is not out the
door yet, just a note for those who are interested.


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