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Subject Re: [post-1.2] proposed api extension mechanism
Date Sat, 03 May 1997 00:01:00 GMT
> Having not reached/read any responses to this... I must say...
> This group came together for performance AND features.
> "The web" offers much more than just the ability to serve flat
> files. I think that we can find ways to efficiently bring features 
> to a webserver that take advantage of a network.
> I would personally like to start exploring some of the things we 
> can do with Apache and SQL over these next few months.


But, do you think that a SQL interface is a CORE feature for Apache or
something that belongs in a module?  Are you asking for a SQL_handler(),
translate_SQL() added to 'struct module'?  No, I doubt it.  My "VENT"
was aimed toward those who would answer "yes" to that.  "I want to this
Oracle thing, so lets rewrite Apache for Pro*C so I can do it better."
just worries me.  Thats all.

I mean, I just spent the last 30 days writting an oracle/Verity interface
for a large, high-volume customer.  Everything I needed fit nicely in a
module.  It would have been nice to mod the Apache core to take
advantage of some Solaris features and add some hooks for Oracle or Verity,
but I dont want to have to maintain the entire source tree forever.  Recompile
my module and away I go.

Rasmus and others have very cool addition to core modules that apache
distributes.  I like them.  Hell, I would like to see the best of them
in the distribution (under a contrib dir or something).  The more features
available that way the better.  Just don't clutter up the core.  Please.

--- TLM

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