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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: [post-1.2] proposed api extension mechanism
Date Fri, 02 May 1997 22:52:10 GMT
Having not reached/read any responses to this... I must say...

This group came together for performance AND features.

"The web" offers much more than just the ability to serve flat
files. I think that we can find ways to efficiently bring features 
to a webserver that take advantage of a network.

I would personally like to start exploring some of the things we 
can do with Apache and SQL over these next few months.

> I'm prolly about to over-step my bounds as a new guy, but...
> <VENT>
> The major reasons I am moving 700+ clients to apache is that the server
> is fast, simple and easy to extend (both with custom mods and PHP-like
> extensions).  I would be very disappointed if Apache gets a big case of
> feature-creep.  Please remember that a VAST majority of web pages served up
> today are still flat or flat-like.  Adding database hooks, OO-like cross-module
> inheritance and crap like that will do nothing for 95% of your userbase and
> you will lose following and developers.  Apache is a web server, not an OS!
> IMHO, the Apache core is a great start and I can't think of much that I can't
> do in a module.  I can compile it about anywhere and I can easily find good
> programmers to work with it.  Sure, there are things I would like to add the
> the product and I am itching to twist some arms to make some Solaris-specific
> enhancements.  But I will weigh every suggestion against how it impacts overall
> performance, on every platform, for every type of machine and implentation.
> I fervently believe that there needs to be a fast, simple and solid server like Apache.
> If you find it hard to write good, solid, modular code in plain old C, please
> don't write server code.  Though, I hear that Jigsaw is looking for help...
> </VENT>
> --- TLM

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