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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject 403 errors are not consistently logged to error log (fwd)
Date Sat, 19 Apr 1997 18:28:36 GMT

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 97 05:10:59 CDT
From: John Van Essen <>
Subject: 403 errors are not consistently logged to error log

Description: 403 errors are not consistently logged to error log.
Apache version: 1.2b2 (didn't see anything in the Changes file about this)
Level: Non-critical

403 errors for an existing but unreadable directory (like /pub/incoming)
are *NOT* logged to the error log, while those for a file are.

It's nice to know about these in case permission were incorrectly set
and action needs to be taken to fix something.

I grepped for log_reason and FORB.  Notice mod_dir.c (and others)
have no log_reason:

http_core.c:1272:        log_reason("file permissions deny server access", r->fi
http_core.c:1273:        return FORBIDDEN;
http_protocol.c:1539:   case FORBIDDEN:
http_request.c:128:    if (!(opts & OPT_SYM_OWNER)) return FORBIDDEN;
http_request.c:130:    if (stat (d, &fi) < 0) return FORBIDDEN;
http_request.c:132:    return (fi.st_uid == lfi.st_uid) ? OK : FORBIDDEN;
mod_access.c:232:        ret = FORBIDDEN;
mod_access.c:236:            ret = FORBIDDEN;
mod_access.c:239:            ret = FORBIDDEN;
mod_access.c:248:           ret = FORBIDDEN;
mod_access.c:251:    if (ret == FORBIDDEN && (
mod_asis.c:75:        log_reason("file permissions deny server access", r->filen
mod_asis.c:76:        return FORBIDDEN;
mod_cern_meta.c:303:        log_reason("meta file permissions deny server access
mod_cern_meta.c:304:        return FORBIDDEN;
mod_cgi.c:368:  return log_scripterror(r, conf, FORBIDDEN,
mod_cgi.c:371:  return log_scripterror(r, conf, FORBIDDEN,
mod_cgi.c:375:  return log_scripterror(r, conf, FORBIDDEN,
mod_cgi.c:381:  return log_scripterror(r, conf, FORBIDDEN,
mod_cgi.c:382:                         "file permissions deny server execution")
mod_dir.c:696:    if(!(d=opendir(name))) return FORBIDDEN;
mod_dir.c:837:        return FORBIDDEN;
mod_include.c:1681:        log_reason("file permissions deny server access", r->
mod_include.c:1682:     return FORBIDDEN;
mod_negotiation.c:655:  return FORBIDDEN;
mod_negotiation.c:740:  return FORBIDDEN;
mod_rewrite.c:765:        cfg->flags |= RULEFLAG_FORBIDDEN;
mod_rewrite.c:944:            return FORBIDDEN;
mod_rewrite.c:1081:        return FORBIDDEN;
mod_rewrite.c:1155:            return FORBIDDEN;
mod_rewrite.c:1284:            if (p->flags & RULEFLAG_FORBIDDEN) {

        John Van Essen  <>

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