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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: The old old discussion... (was Re: unsigned host port)
Date Tue, 08 Apr 1997 17:31:24 GMT
On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> Simple:
> - The master should be the Apache repository and the
>   primary maintainer should be RSE. Anyone can submit patches and when RSE
>   really thinks it is a bad one he can vote it with -1. Else they get
>   committed by any one of the list. But RSE don't want work this way unless he
>   also has access to the CVS. Because I don't want to be the primary
>   maintainer of a piece of code while I don't have direct access to this piece
>   of code.

That's fine as long as the code is treated in the same way as the rest...

Anyone can offer patches and any of the CVS prived users can commit them.
Ralf can have a veto (-1) just like everyone else currently has over any
code change. Ralf, you'd also need to play by the same rules with respect
to what type of changes are okay at any given time - e.g. you can't demand
a major update in the middle of a beta phase and you should offer large patches
and idea changes to the group before commiting them. That means a change
because you'd no longer be able to invent new functionality and add it
without first gaining group approval.

> - Because RSE is still not able to maintain mod_rewrite directly at the Apache
>   repository, he maintains it privately at his own closed site. And to bring
>   the repository up-to-date from time to time he has to submitt "[SYNC]
>   mod_rewrite 3.0.x" patches with the hope that after voting someone actually
>   commits them. But this sync-patches occur only when there is really enough
>   stuff because it is silly release new versions for every little patch.
> Think about this situation and what is better.
> I think the first one. But... :-(

Another option is to take mod_rewrite out of the Apache distribution
and point people at it at Ralf's site. If you want full control over
the code, I suspect this is your only option.

All this is IMO.

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