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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: coredumps on FreeBSD
Date Tue, 15 Apr 1997 20:45:37 GMT
More datapoints.  My irix servers are not coredumping at all (after I
fixed a bug in my own code).  My linux servers are coredumping at a rate
of something like .005%.  The linux servers have static content only,
mod_include and mod_cgi aren't even built in, I'll include the actual
module list below.

I have yet to get a core file though.  It's probably similar to freebsd. 


Module mime_module         mod_mime.o
Module access_module       mod_access.o
Module auth_module         mod_auth.o
Module negotiation_module  mod_negotiation.o
Module dir_module          mod_dir.o
Module alias_module        mod_alias.o
Module env_module          mod_env.o
# these two are hotwired specific code, running on the irix boxes w/o SEGV
Module hotwired_log_module mod_log_hotwired.o
Module times_log_module    mod_log_times.o
Module imap_module         mod_imap.o
Module action_module       mod_actions.o
Module browser_module      mod_browser.o
Module status_module         mod_status.o

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