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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: something to think about for 2.0...
Date Mon, 14 Apr 1997 02:02:00 GMT
This is not a smokescreen.  I honestly do not believe that we have the
number of work-hours required to achieve the same "professionalism" of
the FreeBSD team.  I also consider grad students to be professionals,
I'm not snobbish enough to think that you need to get a pay cheque in
order to be a good programmer.

Your claims about increased bug reports are weak considering that we've
not only changed the bug reporting system, but we've also improved the
documentation to the point that people may now know better than before
how to report bugs.  Furthermore, they may now actually know about and use
features that have been buggy since forever.  I know that is the case for
some of the bugs I've fixed (<Files> and sub_req_lookup_file for example).

I would also debate your claim that FreeBSD is far more complex than
Apache.  At least some of the stuff we're working on is brand new, and
we have little or no other experience to draw on.  For example, we could
have the entirely wrong architecture for the server.  The FreeBSD folk
at least have decades of OS research to assist them.

Fundamentally I agree with you that we should have a release manager.
I completely disagree with your assessment of the current situation.
Even with a release manager I think many of these bugs and problems would
have existed except the release manager might be doing 1.3 instead of 1.2,
and the feature set wouldn't be that different.


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