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From "Jason A. Dour" <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] Thu Apr 24 11:59:12 PDT 1997
Date Thu, 24 Apr 1997 20:14:30 GMT

> Should be done for 1.2:
>   * suexec has lots of open PRs:
>     PR#269, 319, 395: suexec and SSI problems
>     PR#367, 368, 354: SEGV caused by suexec
>     PR#341: documentation error?  user confusion?
>     PR#339: suexec doesn't work with QUERY_STRINGs

I've done a little research:

269, 319, 395
This is a limitation due to design -- it's always been there and it is
there for security reasons.  This has been considered by myself and Randy
as a documentation issue.  People who want to burn their house down can
write their own.

367, 368, 354
A fix has been proposed, and is now up for votes...  I think the patch for
mod_cgi/453 fixes these three PRs for suexec.  Can anyone confirm/deny
this?  I'm too busy to test at the moment.

Yes, a documentation clarity error.  Fixed with a rewrite of docs.  I'm
planning on doing some suexec docs work soon...after I finish term papers.

I cannot replicate this problem.  On top of that, he's fixed his own
problem and hasn't told us how.  On top of that, I've not had a problem
with QUERY_STRINGS for ages...since early betas.  I don't think this is
still an issue, but I'll look into it later...

>     Maybe we should say suexec is experimental... (Jim say +1)

If we fix the docs on the #1 and #3, I think #2 is taken care of and #4
doesn't exist (I don't think).  I think we're pretty stable once we solve
this groupname/gid problem.

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