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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject FAQ questions/Apache Week links
Date Fri, 18 Apr 1997 21:26:10 GMT
Just for interest, here are all the questions asked more than once since
1st November, with the number of times asked so far: 

Asked a couple of times ...

2  Can I use Apache-SSL for free in Canada?
2  How can I find out how many visitors my site gets?
2  How do I add a counter?
2  How do I configure Apache as a proxy?
2  How to I parse for SSI in CGI output?
2  What browsers support HTTP/1.1? What's the point of Host: vhosts if
   there are no HTTP/1.1 browsers yet?
2  Is there an Apache for Win95/WinNT?
2  Why does Apache die when one vhost cannot be resolved?
2  Why doesn't Apache include SSL? Why can't I (in the US) use Apache-SSL?

.. more common are ...

3  How do I add browser and refers to my logs (i.e. extended log format)?
3  Why was fastCGI removed from the 1.2 betas?

... and the top most frequently asked question is...

5  Why can't I publish to my Apache server (ie use PUT)?

Not wishing to re-invent the wheel in writing FAQ answers to these
questions above, what about linking to the relevant feature in Apache Week
if it exists.  E.g

  Q: Why can't I publish to my Apache server using PUT/Netscape Gold?

  A: Because you need to install and configure a script to handle
     the uploaded files. This script is often called a "PUT" handler.
     There are several available, but they may have security problems.
     Using FTP uploads may be easier and more secure, at least for now.
     [See also <a href="">"Publishing Pages with PUT"</a> in Apache Week]

This provides the answers people need at minimum effort all round. The
external link is clearly identified so that people don't confuse A.W. 
articles with "official" Apache page.



Anyway, having done the questions analysis I realised the figures are
completely bogus because many common questions are answers in the various
features we have on the AW site. For example if we'd published the PUT
article several months ago it would have had no questions. So I analysed
which feature pages are the most popular and which are the least popular
(this might also give an idea of which parts of Apache are most used, and
which aren't). I calculated the number of accesses per week to each
feature, then put them into three bands: popular features (over 200
accesses per week), middle (100 to 200 accesses)  and least popular (under
100 accesses per week). The results are:

Least popular: API guide, Bugs in 1.1.1, Imagemaps, Converting from NCSA,
Middle:        DBM Auth, Dynamic Pages, HTTP/1.1, Customing Logfiles,
               Changing modules, SSI, Security/SSL
Most popular:  Apache 1.2 Preview*, Guide to 12*, User Auth

(* = the preview was popular before 1.2b1 was released, and the
guide afterwards).

So people aren't so interested in negotiation, imagemaps or converting
from NCSA, but there is a big interest in what's coming up in 1.2 and in
how to use user-authentication. 

Of course all the figures could be bogus for various reaons (e.g. 
imagemaps are actually really popular but so easy or well documented
elsewhere the feature isn't needed).


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